CoastalCare Health and Community Centre
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How Can I Help?

We would like to introduce you to The Coastal Taranaki Health Trust, trading as CoastalCare and the benefit of supporting our organisation. 

Our Trust has established a centralised location and base for a wide range of professionals and has provided integrated social and health services for the entire district. Our intention is to guarantee a long term "legacy" approach for the health, social and economic welfare of this high deprivation area. The Trust has promoted CoastalCare as a "one-stop-shop, multi-purpose social and health wellbeing facility".  

Sponsorship is necessary, especially in these early years, for us to continue growing the services offered and attracting professionals to the area. Your sponsorship would enable us to continue this great work. In return you would get an elite place on our sponsorship role, we are only accepting one per month and one per industry type.  

We would love the opportunity to answer any question you may have and to find out more about your organisation and how we may work together for the benefit of us both.

Please contact Facility Manager's Aretha Lemon or Elaine Spencer on 06 761 8488 for further information.